Monday, February 14, 2011

Pick a card; any card!

All through school (K-12 and beyond), we have all used flashcards for learning many concepts. Whether it was for learning "A is for apple", math facts, foreign languages, or scientific names; flashcards were always there to the rescue. I even remember dropping the deck or cards and then spending time to reassemble it in the correct order (I guess, there is a little bit of Adrian Monk in all of us).

Recently, I wanted to create flashcards for my students and started looking for somewhat of a modern solution with only a few requirements:
  • I wanted to be able to easily embed the flashcards in my course blog.
  • It had to be quick-and-easy, because the only one with free time these days is the computer.
  • It had to be inexpensive (preferably free)
The solution I found is Quizlet. The free version allows up to 8 decks (sets), and subscription for the full version is only $10/year. Once you create a set, you can use the "Link or embed" option near the top-left to get the code for embedding the flashcards in your blog/website. Most blog sites allow you to create/edit your post in HTML format. For example, the blogger has a tab labeled "Edit HTML." Once you copy the HTML code from Quizlet site, you can paste it directly into your blog post, as long as you are in the HTML view.

Below is a deck I created for my students.

NOTE: Though, I have chosen text-only cards for this example, Quizlet does allow you to add images.

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